Sunday, July 15, 2012

Patti Jean Rock Cornish Game Hens Review

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For a brief history about the origin of Rock Cornish Game Hens and my review on Patti Jean hens.


  1. I brought a patti jean cornish hen just last saturday.When I opened it,it was blue and the skin of the breast was very damaged.needless to say I was upset,but doing a little research I found out that tyson chicken brought out patti.So now I understand why the hen was bad.Tyson is known for bad chickens,I stop buying them awhile back because I couldn't get a good one.Thanks for listening....

  2. Interesting. I just bought some of the Patti Jean cornish hens for the first time for my dog. Yeah, yeah. Anyway, the only other ones I'd bought before were "Chef's Best" brand, which she loved. I noticed the PJ ones were much larger but the same price, though I also saw the PJ ones state "up to 8% moisture retained" (i.e. injected with fluid to plump them up) whereas the CB ones state only 3% retention.
    Well here's the ultimate test- my dog does not like the PJ ones much. She loves the CB. What does that tell you about the PJ quality?!
    FYI- I feed my dog a raw diet, so the birds are served raw.
    If a dog doesn't like a dead bird, it must be pretty bad!

    Going back to the CB. No thanks, Tyson.

  3. I bought hens for Christmas dinner. What a mistake that was. I opened them and they were all bruised up and had dark brown spots . They were gross looking we didn't eat them.