Saturday, July 7, 2012

There's a New Kid in Town

I made a great discovery while I was in Walgreen's yesterday. Hidden in the back on the painkiller aisle lies a young man's dream. He dreamed of producing a candy with all natural ingredients instead of crap. You know, all the stuff you can't even pronounce, much less guess at what the heck it might be. It's called: "Unreal Candy."

This candy should be at the front of the store. While I can appreciate the idea of candy as a painkiller, Walgreen's, this candy company deserves a more prominent place in your stores.

Unreal Candy, Candy "Unjunked"

 Unreal Candy #8

Unreal Candy #77

Just look at it. Doesn't it look great? Don't you want some right now? Sure you do! Go find it! Let's support this company that's offering such a quality product. We all know that candy isn't good for us but we all deserve a treat now and then. Why not make it a treat with all natural ingredients? 

You can read my review of this product here: "Unreal Candy."

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